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"...don't you love her ways? tell me what you say..."

Posted on 2008.04.25 at 11:45
Current Music: The Doors - Love Her Madly
On August 22, 2007 I wrote

"I'm ready for a fresh start"

And, truth be told, it's been that kind of year.  By far it's been my best year here at the University.

Marching Band and football were both great - we also actually managed to win a bowl game for once.

I've finally settled myself into my major, and I was accepted to the University of Michigan's School of Education.
In meeting with my adviser, she set me up for a plan to graduate in two years with certifications in Social Studies, History and Math.

Met someone pretty special to me.  'Nuff said.

I was elected Vice President of Tau Beta Sigma, and this summer is going to include much planning.

And...somehow...I passed Calc III.

So here's to summer:  working on the boat, turning 21, working some more, seeing my friends, and enjoying life.

Because it's been pretty good to me.


"...are you real or just a dream? It's been so long I don't know..."

Posted on 2008.04.06 at 14:23
Current Mood: flirtyMm-hmm
Current Music: Better Than Ezra - Special
Katie and I went to go see a Tiger's game the other day.  Here's how we managed to get tickets:

We went to Meijer on Thursday night in pursuit of grocery goods and a good six-pack of beer.  After collecting all of our items, we were in line to pay for our stuff.  The cashier (a rather fun-loving and friendly old woman...not) informed us that we were in the express lane - exclusively reserved for 12 items or fewer - and informed us that we were to move to one of the regular self checkout aisles.  There was nobody at any of the lanes at this time...so it seemed pretty petty that we should have to move...anyways...

Katie and I moved to a different scanner...which wasn't working correctly.

So we moved to a different one, which complied, although half-heartedly.  After scanning the beer, the cashier came over and asked to see Katie's ID, which was cool.  But then she wanted to see mine...I told her I just drove her because she didn't have a car, and that none of the stuff was mine.  Well, she wasn't having that.  So with a chiding finger, she motioned for the six pack and said "gimme gimme".  That was slightly frustrating.

So Katie and I went to Beer Depot, where they don't card anybody.  We got an even more delicious looking six pack, and when we went up to pay, the guy looked at us and asked if we had anything going on tomorrow (Friday).  I said I had class, and Katie said she had a paper to work on.  The guy said "oh, that's too bad, because I'm looking to get rid of these Tigers tickets.  I can't go tomorrow."  I looked back and caught Katie's eye, and it was decided:  we were going, if only to spite school.  The guy gave the tickets up for twenty bucks.

We went home and planned the rest of the trip - I would go to my 9 am class, then pick her up afterward.  The game started at 1pm.

Things went off without a hitch - other than Target doesn't have any good Tiger's hats.  We were on the highway by 11 (had to get the hats and coffee and such).

I'd never driven to Detroit before, so I was looking at a map of the Comerica Park area.  I saw my target road - Grand River Avenue, off of which there were plenty of lots in which to park for the game.

We were driving down M-14, and then we started to see signs for Grand River Avenue.  I figured it was time to exit off the highway, but when  I did, there was pretty much nothing - I'd exited a little too early - we were still on Grand River Avenue, but we would have to take that road all the way into town.

Downtown Detroit loomed ominously in the distance, barely visible through the wonderful miasma that consistently inhabits the Detroit area - it was also a bit foggy/cloudy, which set a very nice backdrop for our drive.  If you've never been to Detroit, and want to see how ridiculously decrepit it's become, take a stroll down Grand River Avenue - there are blocks and blocks of condemned buildings, churches with broken windows, businesses that have been shut down for years - and we weren't even to downtown.  The urban sprawl that is truly in need of some revamping.

We came to the lots I had found online, and much to our surprise we found a parking spot on the street that did not even have a meter, so we got to park for free.  We got out of the car and could see that Comerica Park was a straight shot from where we'd parked - about 3 or 4 blocks away.

By this time, Katie and I were getting hungry, and we had a little over an hour before the game started.  I remembered from the last time I was at Comerica Park, back in 7th grade, that the Hockeytown Cafe was right next to the stadium.  So Katie and I came to the block where I thought the cafe was - right next to the Fox Theatre (we were just on the wrong side of the theatre).  We got into the cafe and ordered our food which was scrumtrelescent to say the least.  By the time we left we had about 15 minutes before the opening pitch.

Our seats were in section 340 - that is to say, we were most definitely in the nosebleed section.  I got us a program, and I had brought my glove - just in case we were anywhere close to foul ball territory (we were nowhere near any such place).  We got settled in just as Nate Robertson got things started on the mound for the Tigers.  It must have been kids day at the park, because there were elementary school kids running around everywhere - one of them was a real baseball connoisseur - "Ivan Rodriguez hits home runs all the time - he never strikes out.  Ever."

Our seats were high enough to be engulfed by the jet stream - it was windy, and the wind was biting cold.  After two or three innings, Katie and I tried our luck walking around the park.  We checked out the standing room only section out in right field - not only was it a better spot to watch the game - it was a little bit warmer than sitting in our seats.

The Tigers were hanging with the despised White Sox of Chi-town, but barely.  Nate Robertson left the game after 5 innings with a tie ball-game, until Jason Grilli came in to pitch for the Tigers and gave up 3 runs in one inning, which was how the game would end up - as an 8-5 loss.  Katie and I couldn't feel our fingers or toes, and we left in the eighth inning.

The ride out of Detroit was pretty fantastic - I figured I could hop on the freeway from Grand River Avenue, just as I'd come - but I somehow managed to miss the sign that pointed me toward I-96.  Seriously, Detroit, y'all need better signs in your city.  Grand River Avenue ends up turning into M-5, which runs NW - not good.  So after consulting a map, my head navigator expertly led me south to Plymouth Rd, then M-24, then I-96 back home.  All in all - it was a fun experience.

But the Tigers need to pick up their game.  Seriously.  This is ridiculous.

Okay, folks, hope you enjoyed.



"...had to leave myself behind, I've been flying high all night..."

Posted on 2008.02.10 at 18:53
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Current Music: Ben Folds - Landed
I've misplaced my book I was supposed to be reading for history class...so I find myself posting on LJ to pass the time until my book makes itself known to me...

I went to see Chris and his fellow Irish dancers last evening, and it was amazing, as usual.  I was pretty much hot for Chris the whole time...and I was distraught when he died in a flurry of blows during his stick battle.  However, he triumphantly came back for the final act, which really comforted me.

I try to come up with some good stuff for my posts, because I'd rather go a long time without posting and find something both engaging and exciting than to post for the sake of "posting."  As you can probably tell from my current frequency in postings, it's something I haven't quite managed.  I was going through some old posts recently...eek.

*   *   *

Time has passed.  Nic has managed to find his book after having a delicious baked ziti dinner at some girl's house.  He promptly fell asleep after reading it for twenty minutes.  Our hero has awoken from his slumber in an effort to return to his LJ posting...

*   *   *


As it stands, the weather outside is certainly frightful.  With temperatures hovering around 1 or 2 degrees Fahrenheit, and winds gusting up to 30-35 miles an hour, only a fool would venture out wearing moccasins for baked ziti, as it were.

In partaking in the events described above, I've lost all momentum for this posting which, I hope, is understandable.  As is such, I've taken it upon myself to check out the little "writer's block" portion of LJ's main page:

How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?

Well, LJ community, as my readers are all pretty much familiar with me, this is not much help in my posting.

I promise next one will be more exciting and thought-provoking.

I'm too lazy to erase what I've written, so I hope you've enjoyed.


"...hey pretty baby with the high heels on..."

Posted on 2008.01.15 at 02:44
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
This feels like a good thing.


"...well I know I miss more than I hit..."

Posted on 2008.01.10 at 21:54
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday
So this has been awhile.  A lot has been going on, so I apologize to my throngs of readers out there in the good ol' internet.

As cliché as it may be, I've decided to try some new things this year in the health department, and for the most part I feel like it has been going well.  I'm trying out the whole eating less but more often thing, and that has its merits.  Coupled with running and some push up/sit up work, I've started to feel pretty good as of late.  I'm going to try to keep that up.

I've sent in my application for the School of Education.  I'm ready to be done with all of this crap, but I'm stuck here for another two years.

Econ 101 is going to be a blast this semester, I can already tell.  In our first day of real lecturing, we had a graph and were asked a question about it in class.  Everybody in the class has a response unit, and we're supposed to go through the problem and select the correct answer, and we can work with our neighbors.  So as soon as she turns us loose, everybody in the 400 person auditorium freaks out.  This class is full of Business School wannabes who have had a very padded life growing up (hooray for stereotyping!) and they can't read a flipping graph.  It was sweet because I just looked at it, and I thought to myself after ten seconds..."well, it's got to be D"...

I wish I could read minds.  Not all the time, but only when I deem it a necessity.  Mel Gibson in What Women Want, except I can turn it off when I want, because I could see that getting old really fast. 

So I went to Florida over Christmas break, and on our last day there, the high was 50 degrees.  It was pretty sweet.

I got a FAMU shirt.  It's a good one - black with their green and orange rattler mascot.  I also managed to chip one of my teeth on the plane trip home.  That was cool.  I get to come home for MLK weekend and get that taken care of.  I've also got new glasses to pick up when I get home.  It will be exciting - new teeth and eyes.  I read a book by Charles Bukowski on the plane - Ham on Rye - I think you would enjoy it, Reeves, because it's a bit of a mindfuck.

...oh, and the answer was, in fact, D.

*Edit* PS ~ I only need 11 more comments to reach 1000 received comments...the thousandth commenter wins a special prize...to be determined later....


"...just trying to figure out what all this is for..."

Posted on 2007.11.19 at 01:39
Current Mood: pensivepensive
Current Music: Barenaked Ladies - Pinch Me
So I cranked out a six page paper today.  It's not that in and of itself that it is impressive, but it's more the fact that I actually feel good about this paper.  Six pages isn't all that difficult, but the relative ease with which the words were just flying off my fingertips...it felt good.

I am in need of picking myself up...I've got a lot of work to do.  I've been slacking...very impressively.

The band season is winding down...it's been a good ride, starting off really crappily, then picking up for about two months...and now the downward slide.  It gets to the point that I just don't want to be there anymore.  I know I'll miss it this winter though, because it seems that every single one of my friends is a bando, and I won't be seeing them on a regular basis anymore.  Sadness.

I've been looking at my graduation requirements...and I'm stuck here.  For five years...there's no way around it.

Especially since dad is doing so well.

Don't get me wrong, that's awesome.  I'll gladly not take summer classes if it comes to that.  His appetite is healthy again, and he's in great spirits.  I can't wait to get back home for Thanksgiving Break to see him.

I was thinking...if I'm stuck here for five years, should I do band for a fifth year?  I dunno.  I love it, but I am unsure if I want to be one of those fifth year people...

The prospect of being a teacher one day is scary to me.  I'll be in charge of these kids and their education.  I'll have to deal with both good and bad kids, and knowing me, I'll want every single one of them to succeed, and it's just not going to work out that way.  Ugh.  I hope I make a good teacher.

Well, I'll do my obligatory mourning for my football team now.

Another loss to those jerks down south.  This one hurt, a lot.  Being in the rain and cold and watching the struggling team...by the fourth quarter I couldn't even keep my head up to watch.  Lloyd Carr takes a lot of shit, but dammit he's a good man and a good coach, and no matter what he decides tomorrow morning (apparently it leaked that he's resigning) I'll always think of him on the exact same level as other notable coaches of Michigan lore.

Who's the next coach?  I dunno, but if he's half the man that Lloyd Carr is, we'll be in good shape.

Thanks, Lloyd.

Time to wrap this up.  Peace.


"...won't somebody come along and teach me how to keep it alive..."

Posted on 2007.10.26 at 02:37
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: RCHP - Hey
So here's to me not being a tool anymore as some would say.
I'm a busy man, that's all...what with The Office, Scrubs, and Chuck...I just don't have much time for blogging.
I just kind of feel like I'm going through the motions of it all.

In my busy-ness I've allowed my room to fall into a state of emergency. 
Good thing I don't have any classes tomorrow so I can work on cleaning it all up.

I'm getting bored with my history classes, as it were.  Although, funny anecdote...
I was in Indian Civ the other day, and there was a girl sitting a couple chairs down from me.
We were in the second row, in plain view of the professor.
In the middle of lecture, she falls asleep (understandably so; I wasn't doing so hot myself).
The thing is, she started snoring.  It started off soft, and here I was, just praying that it would go away.
Within minutes, the snores begin to overtake the professor, who stops and looks directly at this poor girl.
With everybody giggling, I roll my chair over (yeah, that's right, we all have rolly chairs in Weill Hall), and I tap her arm to wake her.
She grunts and snaps right back out of it, and I can't even bear to look at her because I felt bad for her.
The professor wisely decided that it was time for a stretch break shortly afterward.


Hooray history.

I need to get to sleep so I can wake up and clean this crappy place up.

Maybe I'll find some more anecdotes.



"...we told each other, there is no other way..."

Posted on 2007.08.22 at 07:15
Current Location: 220 Brookridge Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Jack Johnson - No Other Way
I'm ready for a fresh start.


"...she leaves the pictures hanging on the wall..."

Posted on 2007.06.17 at 04:22
Current Music: Matchbox 20 - Hang
I just found Bravo's top 100 Comedies of all time.  I've marked the ones I've seen with an x....

x 100. Anchorman
99. The Birdcage
x 98. School of Rock
x 97. Happy Gilmore
96. Four Weddings and a Funeral
x 95. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
94. Waiting for Guffman
93. The Aristocrats
x 92. Father of the Bride
x 91. Revenge of the Nerds
x 90. Clueless
89. Slapshot
x 88. Team America
87. The Kentucky Fried Movie
x 86. Zoolander
85. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
84. Silver Streak
x 83. Sister Act
82. Tootsie
x 81. Half Baked
80. Lost in America
x 79. Three Amigos
78. Bananas
77. Flirting with Disaster
x 76. Ghostbusters
x 75. Dumb and Dumber
x 74. Trading Places
x 73. City Slickers
72. Moonstruck
71. Roxanne
x 70. The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy)
x 69. The Blues Brothers
68. Broadcast News
x 67. Kingpin
x 66. Dazed and Confused
x 65. Office Space
64. This is Spinal Tap
63. Manhattan
x 62. The Pink Panther
61. Election
60. When Harry Met Sally
x 59. Police Academy Series
x 58. Private Benjamin
57. Swingers
x 56. Young Frankenstein
55. Bull Durham
x 54. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
53. Dr. Strangelove
x 52. Meet the Parents
x 51. National Lampoon's Vacation
x 50. The Princess Bride
x 49. American Pie
48. American Graffiti
47. 9 to 5
x 46. The Incredibles
x 45. Raising Arizona
x 44. Sixteen Candles
43. What About Bob?
42. Harold and Maude
x 41. Austin Powers
x 40. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
x 39. Mrs. Doubtfire
x 38. Best In Show
x 37. Dodgeball
36. Good Morning Vietnam
x 35. Beetlejuice
x 34. Rushmore
x 33. Clerks
x 32. Groundhog Day
x 31. The Big Lebowski
x 30. The 40 Year Old Virgin
x 29. Legally Blonde
28. Annie Hall
27. A Fish Called Wanda
x 26. Wayne's World
x 25. Meet the Fockers
x 24. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
23. Big
x 22. Beverly Hills Cop
21. Shampoo
20. The Jerk
x 19. Wedding Crashers
x 18. Stripes
17. M*A*S*H
x 16. Old School
x 15. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
x 14. Napoleon Dynamite
x 13. Naked Gun Series
x 12. The Producers
x 11. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
10. Arthur
x 9. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
x 8. Blazing Saddles
x 7. The Wedding Singer
x 6. Airplane
x 5. South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
4. There's Something About Mary
x 3. Shrek
x 2. Caddyshack
x 1. Animal House

...yup, I've seen 65 of these movies.  I'd say that's a pretty good percentage.

There are, however, a couple on this list that I am upset I haven't seen:
There's Something About Mary
This Is Spinal Tap

...What have I been doing with my life?


"...sometimes she dreams the most perfect dreams..."

Posted on 2007.06.14 at 23:00
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: This Day & Age - Sometimes
So...to what extent am I supposed to keep in touch?

It seems like I'm trying...but there isn't much in return, and it's confusing.  I don't want to some like a creepy dude or nothin'.

Ah well.  Guess we'll just ride out the summer. 

Speaking of which, I'd be okay if I was headed back to school anytime now.

But, for now, I'll be content with the beach, and work, and gardening, and tennis.

I need to stop being Marat Safin.  Ugh.  On a tennis court, that is.  Sorry Sara.

Mum's birthday is tomorrow.  Whooo.  She says she's done having birthdays, but I'm pretty sure that's not happening any time soon.

I'm tired.  We're going to go pick strawberries tomorrow morning before it gets too hot and all of the good picking is done.  Then we'll make some more homemade jam.


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